Hector J Barraza

The hero of this story is Hector. Hector’s profession is a university teacher, but he is also a social entrepreneur. His job is integrating people to new socities through entrepreneurship.

Topics discussed in this podcast:

  • Finding and solving problems.
  • How to build emotional intelligence?
  • The importance of being able to make the best choice for oneself
  • Hector’s challenges in life
  • How to solve problems in 5 or 10 years?
  • Relationships in companies
  • Decisions company leaders have to make
  • Hector’s experiences with working in a company
  • Shared value
  • How to make corporations listen to you?

Interesting thoughts from Hector:

“Always give more than you are willing to take.”

“As long as you’re humble, you’re honest and you’re willing to give and provide value to other people, you’ll be fine.”

“What better way to make sure you’re surrounded by great people than helping them become great people?”

“Make money first, spend later.”

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